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Beginners guide to tropical fish compatibility, tropical aquarium fish care, species profiles and tropical fish picture galleries.

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Aquarium Tropical Fish - Galleries

Link to our aquarium tropical fish galleries for pictures on all types of freshwater tropical fish. Choose from tetras, guppies, platies, barbs, cichlids, discus, catfish, plecos and many more tropical fish. Then click on any individual fish picture for tropical fish profiles that give you more information about feeding, breeding and caring for each type of aquarium tropical fish.

Aquarium Tropical Fish Care

Buying tropical fish is easy, but freshwater tropical fish care is what keeps your tropical fish alive once you get them home. Link to our tropical fish care section for information on aquarium setup, tanks, filters, water quality, water cycling, the ammonia spike, pH, dH, water changes, controlling algae, curing tropical fish disease, ich, fin rot, flukes, feeding tropical fish, breeding tropical fish and feeding fry.

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Aquarium Tropical Fish - Compatibility

Find the perfect tropical aquarium fish tank mates for your fish with our top ranked tropical fish compatibility search tool. There is no substitute for practical experience when you pick tropical aquarium fish tank mates for your fish. Use our compatibility search tool to get some suggestions so you can find the perfect tank mates for your tropical aquarium fish. These suggestions are for tank mates that will be very safe together. You may find other tank mates that will work too. If you have information to share, send us your Updates and Suggestions.

Tropical Fish Compatibility Search

Select one aquarium fish to find tank mates for your tropical aquarium fish. Or compare two aquarium fish tank mates to see if they are compatible. Find out which tropical fish get along together in your aquarium.


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Tropical Fish Profiles

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