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Tropical Fish Care

Buying tropical fish is easy, but freshwater tropical fish care is what keeps your tropical fish alive once you get them home. Follow the links below for information on aquarium setup, tanks, filters, water quality, water cycling, the ammonia spike, pH, dH, water changes, controlling algae, curing tropical fish disease, ich, fin rot, flukes, feeding tropical fish, breeding tropical fish and feeding fry.

Tropical Fish Care - Anatomy

freshwater tropical fish anatomy

The adipose fin is found mainly on Characins and not on other species.

Tropical Fish Care - Aquarium Setup

Your Aquarium Setup is the first crucial step to enjoying a freshwater tropical fish aquarium. Begin your tropical fish care by reading our article about fish tanks, heaters and types of aquarium filters. Learn how to calculate the volume of and aquarium tank that you are thinking about buying. Discover the difference between external power filters, bio wheels, external canister filters, internal canister filters, wet / dry filters and under gravel filters.

Tropical Fish Care - Aquarium Water Quality

Aquarium Water Quality is what keeps your fish happy and alive. Read our aquarium water quality article for further information about the nitrogen cycle, cyclying a new aquarium tank, the ammonia spike, nitrates, nitrites, pH, dH and water changes. Learn about bogwood versus driftwood, the Python, Seachem Prime and Zeo-lite. Make sure your tank is cycled properly and has suitable aquarium water quality before you buy new fish. Read Kathryn's article on Helpful Information for Beginners: What Fish to Buy.


Benefits of Indian Almond Leaves

by David Girard:

Read about the Benefits of Indian Almond Leaves For Your Pet Fish. David explains how Indian Almond Leaves can condition water, lower pH, accelerate healing, encourage breeding and create a blackwater environment.

Tropical Fish Care - Disease

Learn how to figure out if your fish have a Tropical Fish Disease. Read about curing ich, fin rot and flukes.

Tropical Fish Care - Feeding & Breeding

Wondering about how much to feed your fish or how to breed tropical fish? We have information on how to feed your fish and how to breed them too. Get information on breeding cichlids, characins, barbs, anabantids and livebearers. Also learn how to feed your fish fry after you've been successful in breeding your tropical fish.

Tropical Fish Care - Algae

Learn about the different types of Algae and how to keep algae from growing in your tropical fish aquarium. Then read a great article by Jeffrey Williams on Bacteria and Algae Growth in Tropical Fish Tanks.