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Tim's Tropical Fish is a hobby website run under tropicalfish.me and timstropicalfish.com by Tim Anderson from Victoria, BC, Canada.  You can contact Tim at
tropicalfish1 @ shaw.ca  

Love of Little Aquarium Friends

by Tim - My love of fish began decades ago when I was in elementary school and my parents surprised me on my birthday with a 5 gallon aquarium, stocked with live fish. I can still remember the platys and a black molly that mesmerized me as it moved around the tank. The filters back then were in-tank clear plastic canisters filled with fiber glass! I can still remember the water-wheel that turned under the release of bubbles. Later, as a teenager, I recall seeing over 100 neons at a pet store and they were all schooling together back and forth across a large tank - an unbelievable effect. I still have a soft spot for neons today.

There was a large gap in my aquarium life for many, many years until my wife surprised me with a 20 gallon tank for Christmas. I quickly expanded to 5 tanks and ended up breeding African cichlids. The young Red Blotch Zebra photos on the site are from those batches. That glorious Cherry Barb male pic is from those days too.

Somehow from there I ended up getting involved in tropical fish on the web. It's led me to become self taught in web design, database structures, graphic software and programming languages. This web site wouldn't exist if it wasn't for a 5 gallon tank that I was given as a gift when I was a child. Pretty amazing.

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You are free to use images with the following copyright notice shown on the image, provided that you give credit by linking back to us somewhere on your web site.  You can also copy the following images to a hard copy document without consulting us, as long as it is not part of a document that is for sale.  The free image use applies to images marked:

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Other images on our site are purchased or donated from other sources and we cannot grant their use.

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Contact us at   tropicalfish1 @ shaw.ca   with Updates and Suggestions for us to incorporate into our Tropical Fish Profiles and Compatibility Search pages. Please do not send pictures from other sites - we respect all copyrights.

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We hate spam and will not share any email addresses.  You will not go on any distribution lists by contacting us. 

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Many thanks to the following contributors who have granted permission to post their pictures on our site:

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"This is the best tropical fish site I've ever been to. It's easy for a kid like me (I'm eleven) to find info.  Ellioto88, Mill Valley, California, USA

"Fantastic website - many thanks! ... your website has been invaluable, especially the compatibility pages."  Carolyn Allen, Staffordshire, UK

"Your site is the best I've seen for info on various fishes and the compatibility is extremely useful.  Thanks for having this great site. It's really terrific."  Bill Schlunz, Bartlett, Illinois, USA

"Just wanted to THANK YOU for the AWESOME info listed on your website!!!  I recently began working at a main pet store chain and knew hardly ANYTHING about fish (except for bettas, glowlights and skirted tetras). So, I started doing some major research and found your site in my surfing endeavor.... WHAT A LIFESAVER you turned out to be!!! Because of you, I now won't feel so stupid when asked about our fishy friends! :o)  So, THANKS again for all of your GREAT and INFORMATIVE work - and keep it up!"  April D., Florida 

"You have an awesome site and it has helped me immensely. You should be proud of it." Shirley Malberg, Parson, BC, Canada

"Finally ! Somebody who knows what they're talking about. Great Site !" Scott Fortunato, Bridgeport Connecticut, USA

"Your website has proved to be by far the best/easiest/most informative, I have learned much and will continue to consult your site for more info." Alistair Nandlal, United Kingdom

"You have a great site it helped me a lot thanks." Dan Heaney, Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania, USA

"I really liked your fish site. It was very informative." Kerry

"You have wonderful pictures." Katelyn, Ogden City, Utah, USA

"Wow, what a great website you've put together, thanks." Shane Jones, Portsmouth, Virginia, USA

"Ok first is first, I'm new to the forums but not to the site......and with that said Tim you and your group FREAKIN RULE WITH THIS SITE!!!! lol Helped me out a TON with finding the fish I wanted and with water quality problems I had there for about a month, read about SeaChem Prime in the forums, tried it and crystal clear water ever since." Tracker601 in our Forum.

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