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Kent Nautilus Venturi sump protein skimmer
Venturi sump

There are three types of Saltwater Aquarium Filtration:

  • Mechanical - removes particles from the water

  • Biological - provides areas for helpful micro-organisms to live

  • Chemical - changes water quality by adding oxygen or removing ammonia

In saltwater tanks, mechanical filtration is much more important, which is why protein skimmers have increased in popularity.  Saltwater filtration has evolved through a number of stages.  The first breakthrough was the development of the underground filter.  Next came the trickle filter.  These have both been superceded by the protein skimmer in combination with live rock.  More information on saltwater filters is provided through the following links:

Remember to place a loop in filter electrical cords, as this will cause any water to drip on the floor instead of entering an electrical outlet.  A Ground Fault Interrupter is always a good idea with electrical equipment that can come in contact with water.